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Mechanical Couplings used to connect two rotating shafts. Depending on application, Mechanical Couplings can provide connection flexibility, dampen vibration, isolate electric charge, and compensate different types of misalignments.

Belt Drives

Timing Belt Drives, V-Belt Drives, and Poly-V Belt Drives are the main three belt drives supplied by Optimal Part with suitable pulleys.

Chain Drives

High-performance chain drive systems are used in a wide range of industrial applications. They meet and exceed ISO wear and fatigue resistance requirements. With a wide range of products and a high production capacity.

Universal Joints

When relatively significant angle and misalignment exist between connected shaft, universal joints become a smart solution. Universal joints in single and double joints accommodate shafts misalignment and come in different material to suit different applications.

Locking Devices

Locking Devices connect the hubs solidly with the shaft. Optimal way for zero backlash and shafts rotating in both shafts.


Whether it is linear or rotational tensioner, belt drive or sprocket drive, optimal part can supply the right tensioner for your application.

Shaft Collars

 Different shaft collars style available to suit different types of shaft connection. set screw or split type collars are used to ensure evenly distributed clamping force on the shaft.

Anti Vibration Mounts

 To dampen vibration, oscillation of rotating equipment, or used as shock absorbers, various types of anti vibration mounts available.